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EGM Group closer to customers with the new Products Area


The Products Area dedicated to the rolled copper alloys and brass rods is renewed and becomes an online space built around the needs of its customers. Easy and intuitive, the new area is a showcase that provides a complete and concise overview of the potential technical solutions and collects useful information to easily manage the full potential of EGM offer. Anywhere, from any platform, desktop or mobile, the information will be easily accessible and usable.

To find out, simply access the website and alternately click on the product chosen from the home page, or by using the drop-down menus, both in the products section and in that of the possible application sectors.

In a simple and intuitive way, each application sector becomes selectable. In a few clicks it will be possible to check the wide range of applications, choose the most useful family of alloys and evaluate, in a truly “user friendly” environment, all the information, be it regulatory, chemical-physical, mechanical, technological and dimensional characteristics. The digital area also allows you to download, in PDF format, the technical sheet in order to build your own personal archive, capable of directing any activity to be carried out to better manage any need.

The tool made available to our customers, but also to all professionals in the sector, wants to become an increasingly essential support in what is undoubtedly the most delicate phase for the design of copper alloy components, which is the choice of the most suitable material for each field of use.

Today, in fact, finding your way among the numerous physical, rather than mechanical and dimensional characteristics, without losing sight of the productivity of your process, choosing the most suitable format, is not always easy: our technical data sheets have been specifically designed to help in the comparison not only between the different alloys, but also between the multiple physical states belonging to our range.

Another important section of our portal comes to life, further affirming the desire for a technical collaboration between us and our partners.

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