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Congratulations to EGM for improving the CSR rating


For the second consecutive year, EGM decided to put itself forward for assessment according to the comprehensive evaluation criteria of the international platform and its effort was well rewarded: the Silver Medal places the company among the top 10 percent of non-ferrous metals manufacturers.

CSR has already been firmly embedded in our organization for many years, and is an integral component of our strategic direction. We are proud of the fact that in August 2020 we have improved the previous CSR rating. We achieved a total of 62 evaluation points, placing us significantly above the average of 43 points of our industry.

EcoVadis controls the first independent collaborative platform that provides qualifications of suppliers (more than 65,000 companies worldwide) with sustainability criteria and is obtained through an extensive questionnaire that surveys the sustainability performance of companies. In addition to the general score, EcoVadis since 2020 must meet two requirements:

  • The results sheet does not include any negative results in the 360º Watch Findings on Environment, Labor Practices, Human Rights and Sustainable Acquisitions in the last three years;
  • The results sheet does not include any serious negative findings of the 360º Watch Findings on Ethics in the last five years.

The methodology they use for measurement is built on very demanding international Corporate Social Responsibility values ​​such as the Global Reporting Initiative or the United Nations Global Compact.

This certification reaffirms and strengthens EGM's commitment to Social Responsibility, based on offering products minimizing environmental impact, advancing fundamental of Labour Practices and Human Rights, setting appropriate ethical behaviour of their own enterprise as well as their stakeholders.